The successes of MediaLab and its members have generated significant news coverage, heightening the profile of the organization, the School of Arts & Communication and Pacific Lutheran University. Here are a few of the articles that have helped create and sustain the buzz about MediaLab…

PLU NewsroomLiving on the Edge is the story of a community, North Cove in southwest Washington, who are experiencing extreme rates of coastal erosion.” April 11, 2019

PLU Newsroom
"PLU students, alumni collectively earn four Emmy nominations for work in student media"
May 8, 2018

Tacoma Weekly
"PLU MediaLab tackles diversity in new documentary series"
March 29, 2018

PLU Newsroom
"MediaLab explores issues of diversity with premiere of documentary series, ‘A World of Difference’"
January 29, 2018

Sedalia Democrat
"Sedalia first stop in documentary about diversity across the U.S."
May 30, 2017

PLU Newsroom
"MediaLab’s ‘Changing Currents’ nominated for Emmy"
May 4, 2017

Watertown Daily Times
“Changing Currents documentary has East Coast premiere Saturday in Clayton"
April 28, 2017

PLU Newsroom
"PLU’s MediaLab wins 2017 National Broadcasting Society Award"
April 6, 2017

Tacoma Weekly
"Newest MediaLab film warns of troubled waters"
November 3, 2016

Tacoma Weekly
"PLU’s MediaLab looks back, looks ahead"
October 27, 2016

PLU Newsroom
"Newest MediaLab documentary film, set to premiere Nov. 12, warns PLU community and beyond about troubled waters"
October 24, 2016

PLU Newsroom
"MediaLab reminisces on a decade of service, invites alumni to mark anniversary with fundraising event at Tacoma Art Museum"
October 17, 2016

The Peninsula Gateway
"10th annual Donkey Creek Chum Festival introduces new short film about location"
September 14, 2016

The Seattle Times
"In filmmaking quest, students gather tips on how to make the most of college"
November 9, 2015

Tacoma Weekly
"MediaLab Breaks Down the Food Equation"
October 24, 2014

New Filmmakers New York
“On Wednesday, March 26th, NewFilmmakers ends its Winter Season with a Documentary Series and two Short Film Programs.”
March 26, 2014

The Puyallup Herald
“PLU’s MediaLab documentary team wins prestigious Accolade award”
December 25, 2013

The News Tribune
“PLU MediaLab production wins award”
December 18, 2013

PLU Newsroom
“MediaLab Filmmakers Wade Into Global Water Crisis”
October 2013

PLU Newsroom
“Diving into ‘Tapped Out: Unearthing the Global Water Crisis’”
Summer 2013

Business Wired
“Business Wire Gives Back with Contribution to Journalism Scholarship”
June 24, 2013

PLU Newsroom
“My journey into compassion fatigue”
March 1, 2012

Tacoma Weekly
“PLU’s MediaLab Examines ‘Compassion Fatigue’”
February 16, 2012

The News Tribune
“Film explores the cost of ‘compassion fatigue’ on relief workers”
October 8, 2011

“Documentary Explores Fatigue Among ‘Helping Professions’”
October 7, 2011

The PLU Experience
“New MediaLab film explains ‘Compassion Fatigue’ ”
October 1, 2011

The Peninsula Gateway
“PLU students nominated for ‘Oil Literacy’ documentary”
May 18, 2011

The Peninsula Gateway
“Filmmaker to screen Katrina-based feature”
April 11, 2011

The PLU Experience
“PLU's MediaLab takes on ‘compassion fatigue’”
March 1, 2011

The PLU Experience
“Understanding oil”
October 22, 2010

The News Tribune
“PLU's MediaLab film wins Emmy honor”
July 19, 2010

The Tacoma Weekly
“Pacific Lutheran University's MediaLab Set to Premiere New Documentary”
April 20, 2010

Juneau Empire
“Student Filmmaker Earns Recognition”
February 21, 2010

The Tacoma Weekly
“Pin–pointing the 'Point of Entry'”
October 07, 2009

The PLU Experience
“MediaLab wins Emmy award”
June 15, 2009

South Whidbey Record
“Freeland grad wins regional Emmy award for documentary”
June 06, 2009

School of Arts and Communication
“MediaLab at PLU wins Emmy Award”
June 01, 2009

The PLU Experience
“Documentary follows drug, weapons trade”
September 29, 2008

Tacoma Weekly
“PLU students premiere documentary on guns, drugs and violence”
October 1, 2008

Tacoma Weekly
“PLU documentary presents untold stories of ALCAN”
October 31, 2007