#MeetMediaLab - Joshua Wiersma

We know each other, but you don't know us! Each week we sit down with a MediaLab member and get to know them. This week we talked to Joshua Wiersma. Keep reading to learn more!

My name is Joshua Wiersma, I am currently the Lead Videographer for MediaLab and I have been apart of the team since February 2016. I am a senior majoring in Journalism with a minor in Computer Science who will graduate this coming spring.

Why did you join MediaLab?

I joined MediaLab so that I could continue to hone my video production skills in a pragmatic way - working with real clients in the community to create quality work that addresses their needs.

What have you learned from MediaLab?

Not only have I been able to further develop my technical ability, but I have also become more confident in working with clients out in the "real world." These skills have helped me launch my own freelance video production service, and has made me more adaptable with respect to working with various types of clientele. 

What are your plans upon graduation?

After I graduate I plan on diving head first into the video production industry, either with a boutique marketing company, a larger organization such as Amazon, or at a TV station. I am currently a Media Coordinator with KBTC public television (so my foot's already in the door), I just want to make sure I find my "niche" before moving forward.

What do you like to do outside of PLU?

Outside of PLU I am an avid musician who has played guitar and sung for nearly a decade. Additionally, I am always reading up about the latest technological marvels, either in the video world, or with respect to computer hardware in particular. Additionally, I run my own freelance video operation helping clients with marketing needs in my spare time.


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